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Super-small Paintings
          on Paper

    Super-small paintings can show what is essential to landscape imagery. While easily dismissed as trickery and pure technique, the essentials of the landscape are there to see: receding space and diverse patterns. Although most landscape painting is purely descriptive––not so expressive––artful landscape painters are inventive in their interpretations, some quite innovative, their innovations influencing other painters. 

    Super-small painting employs various techniques and methods to simulate nature. On this page, the imagery employs brushwork as well as smudging and fingerprint markings to achieve a landscape appearance. As brushes are used, their properties change, and the tip of the brush changes shape. Each small brush has its own properties for mark making, owing to the alignment of hairs at the brush tip. As a brush is used, microscopic particles of paint accumulate at the brush’s tip, changing the way paint flows through the hairs to the paint surface. Therefore, painters must be aware of changing brush properties, taking advantage of brush behavior at the moment.  

    Just as we may look at nature through a magnifying glass to see its intricacies, small paintings draw viewers into images, like a view from a magnifying glass. To take in a small image, viewers must commit. The relationships between the viewer and the images is quite personal, pretty much one viewer at a time. Highly articulated painting imagery can be like a jewel, compact, dense and weighty.

Cow Paths II web.png

                          Cow Paths II

              2.62" x 4.5"  acrylic on paper 2021 ©

2022 Valley Stream 2.png

                          Valley Stream

      1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021 © 

2022 Still Water.png

                            Still Water

       1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021 ©

2022 Turning Field.png

                        Turning Field

     1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021 © 

2022 Hidden Farm 1.75 x 3.png

                          Hidden Farm

      1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021 ©

2022 Receding Corn 1.75 x 3.png

                         Receding Corn

     1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021 ©

2022 Hillside Farm.png

                           Hillside Farm

       1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021 © 

2022 Tree in Shadow.png

                         Shadowed Tree

       1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021. ©



       1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021 ©

Four Columns 2.png

                           Four Columns

        1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021  ©

2022 Farm over Stream.png

                     Farm over Stream

 1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021 ©

miniature web.jpg

                        Still Water

   1.75" x 3"  acrylic on museum board 2021 ©

Still Water detail red.png

[-------------------------1.75 inches-------------------------]  

Still water detail.png

[-------------------------------------------- 1 inch----------------------------------------]

        A detail of Still Water is shown above, the enlarged screen appearance presenting part of the painting that is approximately one inch in width. The smooth surface of the museum board is magnified, revealing its texture. The enlargement shows the patterns of the painting technique that reflects the character of the natural organic landscape.

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